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In this post, I’ll be walking you through our automatic posting system, thanks to Integromat, Zapier & IFTTT. There have also been a few changes to our commenting and forum systems on the portal, a revamped subreddit, and so much more. Nicholas & I will also quickly talk about our native app, which has been a number of years in the making – we hope you enjoy!

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That’s right, integrations.

ACORD uses a number of services (full list at the bottom of this post) that enable us to enrich the experience of our users and add more to our software and hardware. The portal can’t be expected to serve as the central hub for everything we do at ACORD – especially not right now. If we were to attempt to implement all the plugins to emulate the services we currently use directly into the portal, you’d be getting much, much longer loading times. And then comes the issue of having to update those plugins to work with the latest versions of WordPress (and making sure that they’re all compatible with the other plugins that we use, like Buddypress or PeepSo (which is something that I’ll be talking about in a later post).

However, the Portal has a number of great features and these include our comprehensive forums, groups, file sharing & documentation and much more. I don’t want to lose all this (plus the profiles & membership section is my favourite part of the entire site), but I also want to ensure that our users can use whatever software they want. A big part of the purpose of the portal is so that all our work can be stored and documented there, however, this can be inconvenient. Trello, for example, is a great app that I use for personal and business use (I mainly started using it for the ongoing AWS Open-Source-Rover challenge), and there is no official (or direct) way to connect buddypress to Trello. However, there is a solution (and believe me, it’s taken me over a month to get the entire portal and all our services integrated…).

These solutions are Zapier, IFTTT (IF This Then That), and Integromat. You can find out more about these integration tools at their respective webistes.

What do they do? SImply put – they connect 2 or more websites/apps (for example, Github & Reddit).

If we want to keep track of all the issues on our Github & Gitlab projects, rather than having to manually go into each project/repository page, they can be sent directly to Trello, Git Dashboard, Reddit, or any other website.

Our current integrations Forum Posts (Portal) to Github Forum Posts (Portal) to Reddit Posts (Portal) to Github Posts (Portal) to Reddit Git Commits to Github, Gitlab, Atlassian Git Commits to Discord Git Commits to Slack Git Commits to Trello Reddit posts to Portal Reddit posts to Github Portal backups to Google Drive (accessed via Github) This allows you to create a post on our forums and then for people to reply to it via reddit. These posts are then sent back to the Portal. We will create a new category for these, and they’re published by @irisa0d2. These posts are directly attributed to you – just link your accounts for the services linked down below on your Portal profile and you can earn points for these contributions! Mouse over your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and click edit profile. Then go to the social networks button and input your profiles there.

Our services WordPress Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket – Atlassian Reddit Facebook Twitter Instagram Discord SlackHQ Office Trello Zenhub Google Hostgator Mozilla

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