Announcing Chocobars

Star Sailors Backstory

To turn Star Sailors, and Manacaster, into a series that is created, played, and expanded upon by people all over the world, we need to write some lore, or a backstory. To increase the likelihood and quality of sequels, we need to identify and nail down what the universe of Star Sailors is about. 1

Constructing Social Networks

We’re all on social media, and we’re always on the lookout for groups around the interwebs that house people with similar interests to us. We comment on forum boards and say our thoughts in the replies of various blog posts, but what’s the best way to make your own social network that is engaging and people will use?

New Integrations

In this post, I’ll be walking you through our automatic posting system, thanks to Integromat, Zapier & IFTTT. There have also been a few changes to our commenting and forum systems on the portal, a revamped subreddit, and so much more. Nicholas & I will also quickly talk about our native app, which has been a number of years in the making – we hope you enjoy!